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christina aguilera: you lost me!

July 22, 2010

I don’t know how well a ballad in the summertime will fare on the Billboard charts, but You Lost Me is one of my favorites from Bionic. It’s a risk, especially considering her album’s not selling so well so far, but I support risks as long as the product is good. Christina Aguilera (with the help of Sia) delivered a gut-wrenching ballad, and director Anthony Mandler helped bring it to life in this video. It’s a very subtle video, with many effects that play upon the unraveling of a relationship. Despite the sometimes boring simplicity, I love the visuals Mandler uses in his videos, almost like watercolors. This video is no exception. It tells a story without being over the top, like Xtina often times is. I like it.


cop punches 17 year old girl: in the face!

June 16, 2010

This upset me so much! I really don’t know what is going on. I read the cop was going to arrest the girl for jaywalking, and then the other girl stepped in and got punched. If that’s the case, the girls shouldn’t have been resisting arrest (even though being arrested for jaywalking is stupid), and the one girl should not have jumped in. BUT, the officer should definitely not have handled those girls like that, and he especially should not have punched the underage girl in the face like she was a grown man who robbed a bank. Crazy. Like I said, I don’t really know exactly what was going on, but it’s just not cool in any regard. What do you think about this? Leave a comment with your opinion. I think both the girls and the officer need to be reprimanded.

drake feels used by: rihanna!

June 10, 2010

In an upcoming New York Times profile, Drake reveals that all that fun wasn’t innocent puppy kisses and he was really just a pawn for Rihanna’s feminine agency. “She was doing exactly what I’ve done to so many women throughout my life, which is show them quality time, then disappear,” he told the paper. “I was like, ‘Wow, this feels terrible.'” He put all that terrible feeling into “Fireworks” off his upcoming album Thank Me Later (which drops next Tuesday), where he raps “I could tell it wasn’t love / I just thought you’d f—ed with me” among other bummer lines. Who knew that a fling between two young, talented, attractive people could fail? Love is a battlefield, man.


I didn’t know Drake and Rihanna had a thing! That’s news to me. And speaking of his new album, I enjoyed a few of the songs. Fireworks, the one mentioned in the article, will be on my July playlist.

chace crawford caught with: weed!

June 4, 2010

Chace Crawford from “Gossip Girl” was arrested in Plano, Texas for possession of marijuana … cops confirm to TMZ.

We’re told Crawford has bonded out of jail.

Crawford was arrested just after midnight this morning for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces.  The charge is a misdemeanor.


Chace Crawford and his friend were caught with an unlit joint! He should have lit it and smoked it sooner! Oh, well. I’m not judging. This just makes him seem more human to me, and less like a mannequin. Speaking of mannequins, let’s talk about how much face he is giving in his mugshot. I bet Tyra will put this in the Top Model apartment next cycle as guide on how to correctly and efficiently Smize.

lil’ kim disses: nicki minaj!

June 4, 2010

Lil’ Kim has supposedly been singed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record label! I’d personally love to see her make a comeback. I love Kim. In the above clip, Kim performed the last few lines of her hit Crush On You. Now, she must have known the central air in my house broke and that we’re hot in here, because she sure was casting a lot of shade. Not really my way, though. The subtle-enough diss was directed toward Nicki Minaj. Hopefully her new music comes as hard as her (face) mouth!

And one more video!

50 cent sheds: 50 pounds!

May 26, 2010

I was a little scared when I saw these pictures. Not an image you want to see when you wake up in the middle of the night (or ever, in life). In order to play a man with cancer, 50 cent lost over 50 pounds. I can respect the commitment of an actor, but woahh! That can’t be healthy. He actually does look sick. Let’s just hope the movie revitalizes his career in some facet. If not, all of our eyes just suffered in vain.

alicia keys: unthinkable (i’m ready)!

May 12, 2010

Unthinkable was my favorite song from Alicia Key‘s (not so spectacular to me) fourth album. The Element of Freedom as an album from an artist who has Alicia’s talent and creativity was just not doing it for me. It sounded like she was trying to expound upon the sound of her last album, but she went about it in a way that was boring, not fresh, and uninspired. This song, along with about two or three others, were the album’s saving grace.

The song, which features subtle singing from Drake, is reminiscent of Alicia’s older, more neo-soul influenced music. It’s smoldering and sultry. The video is pretty cool. I like the approach she takes by making the obstacle in the relationship a conflict of racism. The video, directed by Jake Nava (Beyoncé, Shakira) begins in the segregated 1950s, and continues to time travel through this “unthinkable” interracial attraction between Alicia and Chad Michael Murray, shedding a light on intolerance. Alicia, a product of an interracial relationship, does it beautifully.

mo’nique’s brother admits to: sexual abuse!

April 20, 2010

After decades, Mo’Nique’s brother, Gerald Imes, took to the Oprah Winfrey Show to acknowledge and apologize to his sister (who was not there) for molesting her as a child. He also reveals that he was sexually assaulted as well. This comes after Mo’Nique recently opened up about being sexually abused by her brother, and their estranged relationship.

Now, I don’t know their lives, but from the outside looking in, I think it’s commendable that he is finally owning up to his mistakes, and hopefully he genuinely wants to change and mend his relationship with his sister, and maybe this will inspire people going through similar situations.

nicki minaj on being: bisexual!

April 20, 2010

Q: As an openly bisexual rapper, do you think hip-hop is getting more gay-friendly?
A: I think the world is getting more gay-friendly, so hip-hop is too. But it’s harder to imagine an openly gay male rapper being embraced. People view gay men as having no street credibility. But I think we’ll see one in my lifetime.


12 year old wants: a rude boy!

April 13, 2010

This little boy put on his big girl leggings and was playing no games. He sings with such conviction! Give him his Rude Boy. And if you doubt his fierceness, his DIVA pillow will reassure you. Don’t mess. I blame too much free time, the internet, questionable parenting, Rihanna, but most of all… the Illuminati.