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a poem: torrents!

July 18, 2010

There’s a storm brewing

Shut the door
My knees are growing weak
And could buckle
Under the domineering wind

Close the blinds
So the moon can’t see me
Trying to keep old tides at bay
Half drowned in the current

There’s a storm brewing

I’m splashing
In bullets of rain
Dancing alone in the eye of the storm
Dare you to join me

Cling to safety
As you attempt to dive
With one foot in into a bottomless pool
The other foot running away

There’s a storm brewing
But I’m going to remain
In the midst of all I know
I’m not able to grasp everything I love
Because I still can’t let go
Of anything I hate

Now there’s just too much to carry
But I can’t let you think of me
In ways that I cannot control
Oh, the lengths I’ll go
To ensure nobody knows
A forecast certain of record lows

There’s a storm brewing
Quiet enough to know my name
Loud enough to mask the ruin
Strong enough to cause this pain