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m.i.a.: xxxo!

August 12, 2010

XXXO, the first single from M.I.A.‘s new album MAYA, has been out for a while. Now it finally has a visuals! This video is like a flashy MySpace profile that has come to life. She’s obviously trying to send a message about modern day technology and communication, as she always mentions in her interviews. With all the allusions to MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube, I wonder what point she is trying to make. I liked it!


chromeo: don’t turn the lights on!

August 12, 2010

I really like Chromeo‘s music. It’s always very upbeat, 80s inspired electrofunk. Their new single Don’t Turn The Lights On is no exception. I love it, and the video, as you can see, is different. Very silly, with a lot of eyeballs. I’m excited for their album Business Casual to drop in September. Check them out!

kanye west: power!

August 8, 2010

Kanye West is and will probably remain my favorite rapper. You may question his antics or disapprove of his attitude, but that’s not any of my business. I am always too impressed by his artistic genius to care about his outbursts (besides, Beyoncé did make one of the best videos of all time). From his music to his style, he is just the ultimate artist to me. This post, though, is about his videos! More specifically, his provocative video for his new single Power!

Watching this innovative music video is basically why I love him. I get into anyone who isn’t scared to reinvent themselves and their craft. This video is fresh in concept and very inspiring to an artist like myself. Instead of the typical music video, Power is a beautiful portrait – literally. It’s a painting that slowly zooms in all of the different subjects (Kanye included) to tell an abstract story. I don’t know if this concept has been done before, but Kanye definitely innovated and refreshed a genre that some say is dying. Kanye West is a trailblazer and he is here to stay, people. Stay mad.

christina aguilera: you lost me!

July 22, 2010

I don’t know how well a ballad in the summertime will fare on the Billboard charts, but You Lost Me is one of my favorites from Bionic. It’s a risk, especially considering her album’s not selling so well so far, but I support risks as long as the product is good. Christina Aguilera (with the help of Sia) delivered a gut-wrenching ballad, and director Anthony Mandler helped bring it to life in this video. It’s a very subtle video, with many effects that play upon the unraveling of a relationship. Despite the sometimes boring simplicity, I love the visuals Mandler uses in his videos, almost like watercolors. This video is no exception. It tells a story without being over the top, like Xtina often times is. I like it.

under the spotlight: fefe dobson!

June 29, 2010

I’ve been a big fan of Fefe Dobson from the beginning. I was intrigued because she was a (half) black girl doing music that wasn’t R&B. Her music and style resonated with me at a young age, because I felt like rebelling against everything that was considered to be normal. Not saying Fefe was groundbreaking, but she was the only black girl on TV doing rock music at the time.

In 2003, her self-titled debut album was released. It was lighthearted and sometimes angsty teenage pop/rock. I loved it. She didn’t make a big splash, but a lot of people remembered her because she stood out. In 2006, her second album was going to be released and show off a mature, edgier side of Fefe (which Rihanna ended up stealing). Unfortunately, Sunday Love was shelved and she was let go by her record company. I was so disappointed, but the album finally leaked. I guess the biggest disappointment was that the album was actually really good, and showed a lot of growth from the first album.

Fefe didn’t give up, though. She continued working on her music independently. Her music has been featured on a lot of commercials and ads. Her persistence finally paid off when she was finally resigned to her old label. Her new album Joy is set to be released in August.

Ghost is the newest single from Fefe. It’s more dance-pop driven than her older work, and it sounds like it could fit in flawlessly with the stuff that they play on the radio nowadays. I hope Fefe finally gets recognition with this album, but if not, I just hope the album’s good.

rihanna: te amo!

June 18, 2010

I am a little late blogging about this, but it’s not my fault. It was hard to find on a video site that works with WordPress. Youtube is ideal, but new videos are always getting removed from YouTube until *whoever* is ready to officially put the video up. Whatever, whatever, blah. Anyway, the video’s finally up on her YouTube channel. Yay.

Rihanna impressed me again with this video. I was not feeling her after that hot mess Rockstar 101 video, because it was just a black and white video of her posing and being satanic, trying to pass it off as being a ‘rockstar’. Te Amo is still her posing, but it has beautiful imagery so I forgive her. I love the opening shots. The contrast between the fantastical view of the castle from the outside and the brooding, Gothic sensuality seen inside of the castle is beautiful to see. The colors are bold, romantic and saturated with vibrancy. Plus, the lesbian theme of the song done in a very classy manner.

I really like this video. Love the visuals, because they’re full of color and life, but still dark in essence. This video fits nicely in her catalogue, especially with the other videos from this album.

kelis: 4th of july (fireworks)!

June 17, 2010

I love Kelis! Like I said before, she’s ALWAYS so 3008. Lightyears ahead these other girls. Even if her music isn’t always particularly groundbreaking it’s still good and she always put her stamp on it in one way or another. Plus you know her imagery and/or fashion is always going to be on some other world nonsense. Nonsense meaning fierceness. Whether she’s dressed like a wolf who ate an Avatar or like a peacock disguised as a Native American chief, she’s committed and I love it. This video for her song 4th of July (Fireworks) isn’t spectacular, but it’s cool and summery. Nice close-ups and colors, and of course fireworks at the end. She looks great in the couture gowns! Love the song, too. It’s fun! It’s definitely going on my July playlist (get it?).

lady gaga: alejandro!

June 8, 2010

Here it is! Gaga stans have their bibs on and they’re ready to go in on a plate of Alejandro. I, however, tried it and gagged.

Just playing. I didn’t gag. The video’s not bad, it just does nothing for me. I think that’s my thing with Lady Gaga. I don’t dislike her. When she has a good song, she has a good song. And interesting visuals. She’s a hard worker. She just does NOTHING for me. Now some may say it’s because I’m a “bitter Christina Aguilera fan” or something, but no. Back before the comparisons, when Gaga first came out with The Fame, I gave her album a chance. I listened and I liked a few songs, but it didn’t move me. Nor did her over the top antics. They just come off as contrived to me, and I can’t connect with that.  As she began to gain popularity, I still didn’t get it. Had nothing to do with Perez Hilton claiming Xtina stole her look. I just don’t get the hype, and I won’t force myself.

Now, on to the video: I don’t get it. I didn’t expect to, because it’s Gaga and her video never have anything to do with anything. I was a little disappointed that there was no incorporation of the tropics, because the song is very tropical. There weren’t even any Latinos in the video. Just pale white people with bowl haircuts. But again, she never really interprets her songs literally, which is her artistic license and I respect that.

I definitely caught some Illuminati references in the beginning, and probably some more that I missed. I thought the guys in stilettos and briefs dancing erotically was a memorable image. She also danced in her underwear, and that’s when I gagged. Like, literally. I get she likes to mesh ugliness with fiercess or whatever, but she’s just ugly and every time I see her in panties or with tape on her vag, I lose three days of my life.

At the end she is lying in bed with strings attached to her coming from above, like a marionette. As the camera zooms in on her face, she turns into a demon or something. I had to give my computer screen a dirty look after that.

The video was so long and confusing, I know I’m leaving out a lot of stuff. Overall, it wasn’t bad, it just didn’t DO anything for me. But that’s my stance on her and her work (usually), and a lot of others feel differently. Tell me what you thought about this video?

rihanna: rockstar 101!

May 25, 2010

I love Rihanna‘s music. I love Rihanna’s videos. I love Rihanna’s style. However, I’m over her interpretation of being “dark” and “edgy”. If she can’t get more creative than striking strange poses while wearing couture outfits, then I’m over her. She’s done it so many times already that I don’t care. Dance, come up with a storyline, do something different! And don’t even get me started on the abundant illuminati/freemason references she is once again promoting. This video did nothing for me. Hopefully Te Amo will be more refreshing.

alicia keys: unthinkable (i’m ready)!

May 12, 2010

Unthinkable was my favorite song from Alicia Key‘s (not so spectacular to me) fourth album. The Element of Freedom as an album from an artist who has Alicia’s talent and creativity was just not doing it for me. It sounded like she was trying to expound upon the sound of her last album, but she went about it in a way that was boring, not fresh, and uninspired. This song, along with about two or three others, were the album’s saving grace.

The song, which features subtle singing from Drake, is reminiscent of Alicia’s older, more neo-soul influenced music. It’s smoldering and sultry. The video is pretty cool. I like the approach she takes by making the obstacle in the relationship a conflict of racism. The video, directed by Jake Nava (Beyoncé, Shakira) begins in the segregated 1950s, and continues to time travel through this “unthinkable” interracial attraction between Alicia and Chad Michael Murray, shedding a light on intolerance. Alicia, a product of an interracial relationship, does it beautifully.