i’m not: dead!

August 8, 2010

In the words of my favorite metaphorical lesbian, “I’m not dead, just floating”… It’s Pink. Look it up.

I’m not dead, and neither this blog. I’ve just been trying to figure out which direction this is going to go. If I’m going to blog, it has to come from my heart and mean something to me. I love pop culture as much as the next Nick, but I don’t want my blog to get lost in being another celeb gossip site. It’s not that important to me.

Being unemployed this summer has given me a lot of time to myself to think and reflect. I’m going through a mental journey, trying to discover and understand myself a little better. My medium lately has been astrology, plus any other spiritual/metaphysical/mystical studies. Normally, I’m a little skeptical of such things, but the things I read about my sign and other people’s signs are so eerily accurate. The more I learn, the more I want to know. And of course, like a true Scorpio, I become obsessed until it’s time to move on to the next phase of my life.

Scorpios are all about feelings, passion, control, mystery, and transformation. I think those traits combined are what make me want to blog. Being so secretive and having such intense emotions is not always a good combination. This is the place that allows me to express myself in a way I can control. I can say as little or as much as I want about anything I find interesting or not interesting.

I ask myself sometimes why I do this? Out of everyone that has a blog, what makes mine any different or any better? I’m not trying to be a Perez Hilton. I’m not trying to act as if my opinion is law. I’m not trying to judge pop culture icons or play God. I want to share with the world what makes me who I am. What I love and hate, and why. Whether or not any of you care, I know that is the only thing that will make my blog 100% unique. More importantly, getting stuff from out of my head and onto this blog helps me understand myself. My head gets a little overcrowded with thoughts and feelings, and blogging is an outlet for me. It took me a while this summer to come to that conclusion and now I can start blogging again.

With that said, Nicks are still for Kids!


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