rihanna: te amo!

June 18, 2010

I am a little late blogging about this, but it’s not my fault. It was hard to find on a video site that works with WordPress. Youtube is ideal, but new videos are always getting removed from YouTube until *whoever* is ready to officially put the video up. Whatever, whatever, blah. Anyway, the video’s finally up on her YouTube channel. Yay.

Rihanna impressed me again with this video. I was not feeling her after that hot mess Rockstar 101 video, because it was just a black and white video of her posing and being satanic, trying to pass it off as being a ‘rockstar’. Te Amo is still her posing, but it has beautiful imagery so I forgive her. I love the opening shots. The contrast between the fantastical view of the castle from the outside and the brooding, Gothic sensuality seen inside of the castle is beautiful to see. The colors are bold, romantic and saturated with vibrancy. Plus, the lesbian theme of the song done in a very classy manner.

I really like this video. Love the visuals, because they’re full of color and life, but still dark in essence. This video fits nicely in her catalogue, especially with the other videos from this album.


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