the early show: summer concert series!

June 10, 2010

Yesterday I took a trip back to the city I called home for the past 9 months, New York! The occasion was The Early Show Summer Concert Series. The artist performing: none other than Christina Aguilera. If you know me, you know this was my third time seeing Ms. Aguilera perform live and you know I was very excited. I never slept Tuesday night and just got on the 4:15 NJ Transit bus at 4:15 am on Wednesday morning. My little sister, cousin, and I got to New York around 7, I think. Since we were there so early, the wasn’t bad at all. Downside was we had to wait until nearly 12 pm to see her perform, so we were in line, tired and hungry.

Look at me striking my Xtina pose!

After about an hour waiting in line, Joan Rivers and her plastic face paid us a random visit! She even threw plastic coins at us. I don’t know why this happened, but it was fierce and so was she.

Around 11 am, we checked in and received our wristbands. We were then escorted into the “arena” if you will. The stage was set up on Fifth Ave, between 58th and 59th, right next to the Apple Store and across from the Plaza Hotel. We had to wait again as the prepped the stage and the equipment. Since I was sleep deprived and hungry, I thought I was gonna pass out, so I kneeled down. Soon enough her dancers appeared, which got me excited. Then XTINA came! She rehearsed a little of Not Myselt Tonight, then disappeared somewhere. I don’t know if it was because of the rain or what. Tease!

Before I passed out again, she came back in a fierce see-through rain jacket (same as the Not Myself Tonight music video). Julie Chen, host of Big Brother, The Early Show, and friend in my head, introduced Christina! I was so excited to see Julie. I forgot her name for a few seconds, but then I remembered and screamed “Julie Chen! Julie Chen! Julie Chen!” like I had tourette’s. She turned and waved to me. I could’ve died then. But I didn’t, because I came to see Xtina.

Christina started off with a teaser of one of her signature songs, Fighter. She then performed current single Not Myself Tonight. She followed that with classics, Genie In A Bottle and What a Girl Wants. I believe the last song she performed was You Lost Me from the new album, and she sounded great!

Overall, I enjoyed myself and was very impressed by her live. It was my third time seeing her live, and the closest I’ve ever been. She definitely saw me and I saw her up close for the first time. I felt like I was dreaming. My love for her as an entertainer and artist grew so much yesterday! I had a great time. It wasn’t live and it will air tomorrow (Friday) at… um, I don’t know the time, just early!


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