lady gaga: alejandro!

June 8, 2010

Here it is! Gaga stans have their bibs on and they’re ready to go in on a plate of Alejandro. I, however, tried it and gagged.

Just playing. I didn’t gag. The video’s not bad, it just does nothing for me. I think that’s my thing with Lady Gaga. I don’t dislike her. When she has a good song, she has a good song. And interesting visuals. She’s a hard worker. She just does NOTHING for me. Now some may say it’s because I’m a “bitter Christina Aguilera fan” or something, but no. Back before the comparisons, when Gaga first came out with The Fame, I gave her album a chance. I listened and I liked a few songs, but it didn’t move me. Nor did her over the top antics. They just come off as contrived to me, and I can’t connect with that.  As she began to gain popularity, I still didn’t get it. Had nothing to do with Perez Hilton claiming Xtina stole her look. I just don’t get the hype, and I won’t force myself.

Now, on to the video: I don’t get it. I didn’t expect to, because it’s Gaga and her video never have anything to do with anything. I was a little disappointed that there was no incorporation of the tropics, because the song is very tropical. There weren’t even any Latinos in the video. Just pale white people with bowl haircuts. But again, she never really interprets her songs literally, which is her artistic license and I respect that.

I definitely caught some Illuminati references in the beginning, and probably some more that I missed. I thought the guys in stilettos and briefs dancing erotically was a memorable image. She also danced in her underwear, and that’s when I gagged. Like, literally. I get she likes to mesh ugliness with fiercess or whatever, but she’s just ugly and every time I see her in panties or with tape on her vag, I lose three days of my life.

At the end she is lying in bed with strings attached to her coming from above, like a marionette. As the camera zooms in on her face, she turns into a demon or something. I had to give my computer screen a dirty look after that.

The video was so long and confusing, I know I’m leaving out a lot of stuff. Overall, it wasn’t bad, it just didn’t DO anything for me. But that’s my stance on her and her work (usually), and a lot of others feel differently. Tell me what you thought about this video?


2 Responses to “lady gaga: alejandro!”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I’d say my first thought after watching was, “So…. are bowl cuts back in style then?” The last time I saw someone with a bowl cut was like 3rd grade.

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