the saga: continues!

May 26, 2010

I had a few opportunities to stay in New York City. For different reasons, spending the summer back home in New Jersey ended up being my fate. I’m not complaining. It actually feels good to be home, not having to worry about all dormitory living and all of its woes. I have my room to myself (most of the time), don’t have to worry about my food being eaten (for the most part), and I can drive around (when I have gas money). I guess the only thing that sucks about spending my summer home in Jersey compared to being back in Manhattan is that boredom is not so easily remedied. Hardly anything except Wawa is open all night, which sucks for a night owl like me. The first few days of my summer vacation haven’t been too eventful. I could be calling up all my friends and constantly making plans, but honestly, I’m living off of a $90 Pinkberry paycheck until I find a summer job down here. Times are hard, and gas is not cheap. I’m burning my fuel wisely.

Speaking of a summer job, I need one. That is my main objective at the moment. As if finding a summer job after most of the college students probably took them all before I came back home weren’t hard enough, I have another self-inflicted obstacle. We won’t speak of that obstacle, but I’ll just say that it’s highly unlikely that this job hunt will be easy. Regardless, I’ll put on my grown man long johns and do what I gotta do to get my money. After spending last summer making my own money and being independent for the first time, I can’t revert back to begging my mom for money.

If worse comes to work, I’ll probably just work out a way to work a few days of the week up in New York, at Pinkberry. Manhattan’s not that far from me, and my mom and her fiancee work for NJ Transit, so getting up there 3 or 4 times a week to work wouldn’t be that much of a hassle. People make a living by traveling to NYC from Jersey and Delaware every day, so it’s definitely a possibility. Plus, it’ll give me a way to feel like I am living in the city this summer, without really living there. The more I type, the more I like this idea. Of course, if this happens, I will only work late shifts.

No matter where I work this summer, I just need a job. We’re in a recession, and me begging for me is not going to be cute at all. And I know I will need it, because I’m trying to be fly this summer! I want to go shopping for clothes. I haven’t went clothes shopping since Black Friday. That was last year! I need new clothes. I need accessories! I want to go to the movies. I love going out to eat. You know I gotta party, too. And I need gas in my car to make all of this stuff happen to ensure a good summer for myself.

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