american idol: finale!

May 26, 2010

Tonight was the finale of American Idol’s 9th season. Now, I stopped watching American Idol around the time Carrie Underwood won in season 4. It just lost it’s appeal to me. Now besides the auditions, a random mid-season episode or two, and the finale if nothing else is on, I don’t watch the show anymore. The only reason I tuned in tonight was to see Christina Aguilera perform. Luckily her performance was fairly early in the show.

After underwhelming performance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, I was very satisfied with this performance. It started off with the Idol girls singing a medley of Beautiful, then segued into Fighter. After I said “Where’s Xtina” for about the tenth time, Godtina came out and hit the big note in Fighter. Just when we all thought that was it, all the extras exited stage left, and Christina was left there with her voice and her microphone. She sang a heartfelt version of You Lost Me, a ballad co-written by Sia. It was great and proved all Christina needs is her voice and her mic to shut a performance down. After all the hate, shade, and negative comparisons, there’s only one voice of our generation, and she just reminded us who owns it!

Surprisingly, I continued to watch the show even after Christina’s performance. It was a little entertaining, despite not having watched this season. It was Simon Cowell‘s last show, so they made a big deal out of that. Paula Abdul made an appearance, too. She came out like one of big reveals on Extreme Makeover. It was dramatic. She started to ramble, and it seemed like she was going to be a big tran-wreck. Then she finally made her point. Whatever it was, I forget. Something about Simon.

Another highlight of the night was Janet Jackson‘s performance. The Idols sang a version of Janet’s #1 hit song Again from 1993. Then the legend came out sporting her new short cut, and sang her newest single Nothing from her latest movie Why Did I Get Married (oh the memories…). While she’s never been a powerhouse vocalist, she proved she’s no Britney Spears. She actually has a voice, and can sing live. After her ballad, she ripped off her Matrix costume, revealing ANOTHER Matrix costume, and sang her classic song Nasty. He busted out a few moves, and reminded us she’s Ms. Jackson if we’re nasty.

After two hours of the Idols butchering classic songs, a few video montages, and a few Idol rejects coming back and bringing the lolz, the winner was finally crowned. Lee DeWyze was named the newest American Idol. I named him the newest flop winner. Let’s keep it real, all of the male winners have been flops, and he is reminding me of them. I didn’t watch this season besides two episodes, but I wanted Crystal Bowersox to win. Whatever. What did you think of the finale?


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