christina aguilera: not myself tonight!

April 29, 2010


I don’t know what to say. Christina Aguilera is definitely not herself tonight. I think she definitely took that song title to heart, and took full advantage of being able to go crazy in this video! It’s the Dirrty Xtina we all love paying homage to Madonna’s Human Nature and Express Yourself. I love the S&M theme. She was giving me life in the catsuit, licking the milk from the bowl. I also loved the scene with her setting her old wardrobe on fire like a boss. The product placement, with the phone and her perfumes was a little tacky to me, though.

Besides being sexual in a not-so-subtle way, she is doing it in a church (remeniscent of another Madonna video). Between that, and the inevitable (and retarded) Gaga comparisons, this is sure to cause controversy. But, there’s one thing Christina is no stranger to and that is controversy. Love it or hate it, she does what she wants, and if you don’t like it…


One Response to “christina aguilera: not myself tonight!”

  1. herbiitron Says:

    Love the post.
    I feel like anything a blonde girl does that has leather and dancing is now considered gaga-esque which is so annoying. Its an obvious tribute to madonna, and can I say people are searching for the gaga comparisons. There are only so many ways girls can wear their hair before they start repeating it. Anyway I loved the video, love her and can’t wait for the rest of this xtina period. Ps I hate perez hilton right now, like hop off her dick!

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