first week of: work!

April 27, 2010

Hey Kids!

As we all know, I’ve recently been hired at Pinkberry. 43rd & 9th is the location. Right in Hell’s Kitchen.. I was amazed by our proximity to Times Square when I finished my first night shift. All the lights hit me when I turned onto 42nd Street. I decided to walk home that night. Bad idea, so many tourists. I forgot that’s why I don’t go to Times Square. Regardless, it’s a cool spot to work.

As for the actual job, it’s pretty easy. Not at first it wasn’t. I could not get the hang of the swirl. I didn’t even know there was a swirling technique, but there is. It took me about two days to get it right. I am doing well now. There are definitely sloppy moments, though. Much to the customer’s delight, I get a little heavy handed. Hope they enjoy the extra few ounces of premium nonfat frozen yogurt they’re getting.

I love it when it’s slow. Some people like it to be busy, because time goes by faster. Yeah, that’s great and all, but the less work I do the better. Let’s keep it real. The other day was a really slow Sunday. It was raining outside. Very calm. Then for some reason, once it got dark, all the yogurt freaks came out of hiding. I don’t like to be surprised.

My favorite part of work (besides when I get paid next week!) is getting off and getting my free Pinkberry! Serving people all day, looking at all the toppings, seeing all the different flavors of yogurt… It just makes me want some to eat it so badly. I definitely take advantage of being new by “sampling” different things when it gets slow. I have to know what these things taste like if I’m going to sell them. No?

Anyways, come visit me! I love seeing faces I know.

One Response to “first week of: work!”

  1. Kristen Says:

    “… the less I work, the better. Let’s keep it real.” Bahahahha story of my life. Love you. I’ll have to come visit sometime.

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