rip: guru!

April 20, 2010

The 43-year-old rapper succumbed to complications from cancer on Monday at Good Samaritan Hospital near New York City, Solar said. There had been an outpouring of support from fans in March when it was reported Guru had a stroke and had been hospitalized.

Solar, a long-time collaborator of the artist, said Guru chose not to go public with the diagnosis of myeloma that was made more than a year ago.

“Guru has been in and out of hospitals since last July,” Solar said. “It was his wishes to keep it private. We really thought he would be able to beat it.”

Born Keith Elam, the rapper was well-respected in the industry for his rhyme style. He rose to fame in the 1980s as one half of the duo Gang Starr, in which he shared the spotlight with his partner, DJ Premier.

He later broke out and found solo success with his series of “Jazzmatazz” albums, where he combined hip-hop and jazz. His collaborations with jazz greats, including Branford Marsalis and Roy Ayers, helped cement Guru’s reputation in the music industry.


Such a loss. I really liked his music. Hope his family and friends are doing okay.


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