nick just got: a job!

April 15, 2010

I’m out of character. I’m in rare form… Yeah, that’s me.

So after a dry spell, I am employed again. No longer will I be straddling the streets of The Village, looking for clients (I never really did that mom). I am legitimate now, and I will be getting that money. Said money will be coming from my new employer, Pinkberry. How exciting!

I have to thank my friend Asha for telling me about her job at Pinkberry, because she inspired me to go to Pinkberry (so did the new mango flavor) and get an application. Which I did on Tuesday. I brought the application back that night, and the cashiers told me to bring it back on Wednesday, because they were having an open house. I went to the open house on Wednesday. The lady asked me if I minded working at the Pinkberry on 43rd and 9th. I didn’t, because money is money, I love having time to walk and listen to music before work/school. Although there is one across the street from my dorm, getting to travel to the West Side for work will be nice, since I’m always in the same area.

I have orientation this weekend, then I start. I can’t to be a working man again. I love having an income. I was looking forward to working somebody’s pole this summer, but Pinkberry will have to do. Now, I have to find somewhere in the city to live this summer. There’s one month before school ends, and I don’t want to work for a month only.


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