nicki minaj: massive attack!

March 31, 2010

Now, who’s here for Nicki Minaj?! YOU? Good, because I’m not. But someone is, so here’s her first official single, ever. When I first heard it, I was like…

But now I think it’s decent. There’s definitely a lot going on, but it grew on me. The video (featuring Amber Rose) just premiered on 106, and now I have found it. I better hold on to my teddy. The video is like a mixture of Hard, Check On It, and whatever video features someone dancing naked in some mud. It’s also reminds me of Kelis’ brand new video.

I’m not really feeling the first half of the video at all. Then the second half gets better to me. Not only does the beat change, but the video does too. She ends up in the jungle or the rainforest or somebody’s backyard. She’s gyrating in the dirt with Heath Ledger’s green wig on. Weirdly, she actually looks the prettiest in this part.


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