daria’s coming to: dvd!

March 31, 2010

Daria‘s coming to DVD! Daria has to be my favorite cartoon, and one of my favorite TV shows period. Love her, and I will be buying the DVD. Haven’t seen it since The-N stopped showing reruns.

With her patented cynical one-liners and black, round-shaped glasses, Daria Morgendorffer of MTV’s cult animated show ‘Daria’ was the prototypical, overly smart teenage outsider.

On air for a total of five seasons from 1997-2001, ‘Daria,’ a program that lifted the veil of high school phoniness, provided a niche for all the sarcasm-spewing teens out there.

So we’re quite delighted with the news that our favorite irony-loving teenager will soon be coming to DVD. MTV hinted at the cult classic’s summer arrival to DVD on the release of their much-loved sketch-show, ‘The State,’ but now it is confirmed with a brand-new teaser that can be seen below.



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