under the spotlight: sia!

March 26, 2010

I am always scouring the earth and the internetz for new artists, because I love expanding my taste. One of my favorite artists that I have discovered in the past few months has to be Australian singer Sia! I found out about her when I first got news that she was working with Christina Aguilera on Bionic. Since then, I have listened to Sia’s music, and really enjoyed it! She is a soulful pop artist that makes great, melancholic ballads, and really joyous uptempos. I really liked Soon We’ll be Found, Breathe Me, and Drink to Get Drunk. I also like Destiny, a Zero 7 song which she is featured on.

Her new album We Are Born is coming out soon (the same day as Bionic I hear), and her first single is Clap Your Hands. She has 6 songs from her album on YouTube. They’re all really good. Check them out! By the way, she’s performing at Terminal 5 in New York City on May 6th at 7 PM! I just bought my ticket. Will I see you there?


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