happy: st. patrick’s day!

March 17, 2010

Nothing like hearing a band playing with bagpipes outside your window in the morning to wake you up and let you know, “Hey laddie, it’s St. Patrick’s Day!” Instead of frolicking happily through clovers fields in Central Park, I felt like stabbing my eyes out with shamrocks. Sorry, it’s the Oedipus in me. My day was not great, to say the least.

After dodging 16 blocks of Sloppy McSallies on my way to school, I went to my “secret” acting class. Classes were supposed to be canceled today because it was Honors Day at my school. Instead of enjoying my day off, I had to go to class. My partner and I had to show our scenes. We did it, and I got criticized for not being caring in the scene and being detached. She said I have to make it personal to me, which is a problem. I have gotten the detached thing before, and I know it’s a defense mechanism that came about growing up. Now that it’s a habit, it’s hard to break it. So I know this weekend will be a long one, with rehearsals and trying to breakthrough.

Since I’m a procrastinator, I have to spend tonight working on my philosophy essay. 8-10 pages, yay! I’m over school at this point, and I can’t wait to go back to Jersey for spring break next weekend. Hope somebody out there is enjoying their holiday!


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