has gaga gone: too far?

March 15, 2010

So, this lady is tripping out about Lady Gaga and (Honey Bey)oncé’s new video for Telephone. She says it’s poison and she doesn’t think anybody should watch videos with that kind of imagery. She is not here for the panties, the lesbian innuendo, or the mass murder. As the anchor noted, this is all very similar to the backlash Madonna received in the early 90s for her SEX book and some of her music videos. I don’t really think it’s as big as that controversy was, but apparently some people are not pleased.

As a skeptic of everything and a slight conspiracy theorist, I am starting to question what messages we’re being sent in today’s pop culture. I love pop culture, but I am beginning to wonder what it is we’re being force fed and what the unknown consequences are or will be. So in that sense I am a little weary of this video (and a lot of others). But… I think this lady is just a prude. She does not like the lesbian kiss and does not want her children seeing stuff like that. I could see if she didn’t like it because it was an unnecessary exploitation of lesbianism used purely for shock value (because that’s what I think), but I think she’s just a little homophobic. She also does not like the massacre at the end.

I’m not one for censorship, so I don’t think the video should be banned from MTV. I think anybody should be able to watch what they want to watch for the most part. I just know that I am a lot more conscious of the music and the imagery I let myself become entranced by. What are your opinions, I’d love to know!


2 Responses to “has gaga gone: too far?”

  1. imnottheone Says:

    the news lady is too muchh lmao

  2. Teeka Says:

    This is so typical. Its a mess! They always gotta find sumthn to talk about! If u don’t like it, don’t watch it! damn! lol

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