trey songz: neighbors know my name!

March 3, 2010

Unfortunately (sad face) I haven’t listened to Trey Songz‘ newest album. I didn’t really have the desire to, since he’s not singing to me or about anything I can really relate to. But, there are plenty of thirsty girls out there who think Trey is singing to them, so he has been pretty popular this go round. He just scored his first top 10 hit with Say Ahh! (aka the most polite way to get a girl to swallow).

This video is what I expected. Soft core, suggestive, Sunday school appropriate sex scenes. Trey claims each shot is like a painting, but I beg to differ. Personally, he’s giving me behind the scenes of the FAMU sex tape with a red filter because he’s so 3008. I’m not here for all that, but I’m sure somebody is.


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