guru is in: a coma!

March 1, 2010

I got into Gang Starr a few years ago, after (one of half of the group) DJ Premier worked with Christina Aguilera on her Back to Basics album. I really liked (the other half of the group) Guru’s solo albums. Like Gang Starr, they were a nice fusion of jazz and hip-hop. Besides that, I really liked Guru’s unique, monotonous flow. I just found out Guru is in reportedly in a coma! This is so upsetting!

Legendary rapper Guru, best known as a member of the rap duo Gangstarr, reportedly suffered a heart attack over the weekend and is currently in critical condition.According to, the 43-year-old rapper (real name: Keith Elam) went into cardiac arrest sometime this weekend, and has since slipped into a coma.

Guru’s former partner, DJ Premier, was set to call into DJ Eclipse’s HipHopNation/Sirius show to speak on the rapper’s condition. But, several reports indicate that he decided to hold off.


I can’t deal with this… I just hope he’ll be okay! If you have not heard of Guru or Gang Starr, here are my favorite songs from them.


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