new songs from: jennifer lopez!

February 28, 2010

Last night the one and only Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live (which will from now on be referred to as J.Lo and SNL, respectively, because I don’t want finger arthritis). I didn’t watch the whole thing, because I thought it came on later, but I wasn’t that impressed from what I did see. I did enjoy the Doorbell Lady in her second coming as the Car Horn Lady (did not need J.Lo to co-sign in the sketch, though).

Now J.Lo decided to not only host, but to be the musical guest as well. I don’t really know why she bothered promoting her new album since it’s not coming out anytime soon (see flop first singles). Regardless, I had my Louboutins on standby, ready to throw on for her performance. Instead she decided to give me some ballad from her upcoming album. Then she put on her diva wig and started trying to sang!

I just wanted to let her know I didn’t come here to hear her grasping for high notes on these ballads! I came here to see her “singing” a prerecorded version of Louboutins with a decent dance routine. That’s all I wanted! But since she’s not here to please me solely, I took it like a man.

While I applaud her for choosing to sing live, I can’t say the same for my ears. They were pretty irate for the better part of the song. Maybe your ears will be appreciative.


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