tran-wreck: whitney houston!

February 27, 2010

I really debated about whether I should make this post. I feel bad. She messed up her voice in the past by doing drugs (and that’s her and her family’s business), but she’s sober now and making an effort. She’s not on stage lipsynching like some girls. That’s laudable, but… I’m sorry, she’s just a mess in the majority of her performances now!

Everyone’s making a big deal about her recent performance in Brisbane, in which she was her normal hot mess, sweaty, post-crack self. While she was messy (and took a massive water, coughing, nose-blowing break before her epic note in I Will Always Love You), I found that it was a better attempt then one I saw a few weeks ago in South Korea. That was one was just comical to me. Here’s both performances. You be the judge.

I feel bad about making fun of her, but whatever. I still support her in my own way. In my head, it’s still 1992. She can still sing, and The Bodyguard just came out. Haters to the left, thanks!


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