monica: everything to me!

February 25, 2010

Monica’s back with this new single and video. She said she wanted to give the fans real music and not radio crap. I like the song, because it does give me an old school (or even 90s, is that old school yet?) R&B vibe. Back when R&B was quality. I’m just scared that she will not comeback hard because it’s not a pop, hip-hop, or electronic influenced. Maybe Monica’s passed the point where she cares about getting hits (she hasn’t in a while), and she just wants to make quality music for her loyal fanbase from the 90s. Hits don’t really matter to me, as long as the music is good. So go Monica! Hopefully her new album Still Standing is good.

The video is kind of weird to me, though. She’s looking like Sunday school version of Lady Gaga because she dedicated this to the late (in a good way) Alexander McQueen. Why is that lady stalking Monica, though? Did the director of this video fall asleep watching Obsessed the night before this video was shot? Why is Monica and Chad Ochocinco‘s daughter a little bi-racial butterfly, when both of them are black? I thought maybe Monica stole the baby from the Latina stalker lady, and was just hallucinating that she was the real mother of that girl. I don’t know. Do you, Monica!


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