under the spotlight: example!

February 23, 2010

Just like the last artist I spotlighted, I first heard Example on XM Radio back in the summertime. Don’t think I found him on the jazz station, though. No no, his low-key summer anthem was playing on the BBC station.

This UK rapper caught my attention with the interesting instrumental of his single Watch The Sun Come Up. I was intrigued because it was very melodic, so I saved his name and the song as a memo on my phone. I did download it, but I forgot about it. It was not until recently that I started listening to him!

His new stuff from his forthcoming album Won’t Go Quietly is inspired by electro, house, and grime music (or “Dysfunctional Electro-Pop” as he describes it), but his older stuff is just really interesting hip-hop. I am excited for his new album, but until it leaks, I’ll listen to the old stuff and the two singles he’s released from his new album thus far.

I think he’s a really interesting rapper. Could just be the accent. Look out for his new album. Also, check out Me & Mandy, from his first album, below!


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