kanye west: coldest winter!

February 23, 2010

I thought he was over promoting his last album, but I guess being exiled by vengeful, 12-year old T-Swift stans gets boring. As we all know, the remedy of boredom is making a video. If you don’t believe me, ask Dustin Diamond.

Back to the video, he’s not in it. Some girl who looks like Leona Lewis after she got punched in the face is running the streets in this video. I guess he was too busy attending the VMA’s and White House luncheons to appear in this video, so I won’t be too upset.

As usual, he’s on some other stuff. On Planet 3008, to be exact. The girl’s running from some weird caped men (free masons lolz) who I assume represent death. Poor thing. That’s what happens when you sell you soul, girl. Speaking of which, I probably won’t watch this video again, because it’s giving me illuminati teas. If Jay-Z, Lady BeyBey, and Rihanna are supposedly working for them, I wouldn’t put it past Kanye. I hope not! Don’t do it, Kanye, don’t do it!! I love you!!!


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