chronicles of a man without: money!

February 23, 2010

When I checked my balance last week, in my head I expected to see around $20, And I was okay with that, because I knew I had been spending frivolously (in my head I own Oprah’s debit card). When the machine read $-8.40 I was a little surprised! I had never had a negative balance. And I was on my way to hookah! Never make plans without checking your balance.

I hate being broke. Being negative is even worse, because even if you get a dollar or so, you’re still negative. How sad. Now I have money again, but I swear this time I will manage it. I keep saying that, but I’m serious now! I have to stop living like this!! I need to budget, give myself an allotted amount to spend of life’s little treasures. The rest needs to be saved for emergencies and for the sake of learning how to save.

I know it will be very hard to accomplish this feat. After all, I’m a college student living in New York City. Am I right?

Thanks J-WOWW.

We should all work together to help (me) each other spend responsibly. If you see me going to Lin’s to get Chinese food, don’t let me! If you see me about spend $50 at El Sombreros on 5 drinks, don’t let me! If you see me being generous and tithing too much at church because I really liked the choir’s harmony, don’t let me! Thanks in advance!


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