his apology: tiger woods!

February 19, 2010

We all knew this was coming sooner or later. For some reason the general public isn’t satisfied until these celebrities issue apologies. I understand the reason for these, I just don’t like them. I know that people like Tiger Woods have a lot of fans who are probably a little butthurt about what happened and want their outrage to be acknowledged and soothed. If you ask me, who is the public to demand an apology? He didn’t cheat on the public! He cheated on Elin! He didn’t cheat on me, why would I want an apology? All I want from him is (nothing) for him to get the help he needs and to work out his family life.

If he wanted to make a public statement all he had to do is say he was wrong for what he did, apologize to his wife/family (maybe his sponsors and people who invested in him, too), and say how he is working on becoming a better person. He didn’t have to apology to everyone watching!

Then again, I understand that a lot of the public is angry, and the public opinion will probably determine his fate in the sport of tennis. This apology is intended to pacify the public, but everyone will still bitch and say it’s not sincere. I hate how people want to see apologies and would probably crucify someone for not issuing an apology, but when they do apologize they’re usually accused of being insincere and being staged.

Whatever. It’s all politics to me.

Am I the only one who doesn’t think an apology is imperative? Maybe I’m not seeing something. I’m trying look at this situation from all angles so I don’t come at this with a narrow-minded opinion. Let me know! How do you feel about this apology and this whole situation?


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