under the spotlight: melody gardot!

February 18, 2010

I found this gem of a singer back in the summertime. I was driving my mom’s new truck, with her free trial of XM Radio (which I loved). Naturally, I had it tuned to the jazz station. As I was driving down the thrilling streets of South Jersey, a sultry voice captured my attention. The name of the singer was Melody Gardot and the song was called Our Love is Easy.

Of course, I went home and downloaded the beautifully mellow jazzy goodness. I loved it so much, I put it on my Mellow Playlist (the perfect playlist to play as I packed to move to New York, not emotional at all). Even though I loved the song, it was not until last month during break that I listened to the whole album, My One and Only Thrill.

Melody Gardot has a very interesting story. This New Jersey native was hit by a Jeep while cycling in Philadelphia, which left her seriously injured to the point where she had to remain confined to her hospital bed for a year. She had to relearn simple, everyday tasks such as brushing her teeth. Even today she suffers with her memory, often waking up with no memory of what she has to do. Even so, she persevered and continues to make and perform great music!

Give her a listen. She has a great voice, and makes timeless music!


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