some of my favorite ladies: beyoncé and tyra!

February 18, 2010

Re-apply the glue to your lacefronts, y’all! It’s our favorite wiggies!

Like a shameful, unloyal anti-Smizer, I have not been watching Tyra Show this season. I didn’t have a TV in my dorm last semester. Plus, when I went home my DVR would refuse to record her show. Yes, my DVR has its own preferences and I’m an enabler of that. Even so, I do catch the most important segments of Tyra. Which I guess is best, since Tyra is best consumed in small doses.

Since I didn’t catch Beyoncé on Tyra the other day when it aired, I just sat through two YouTube videos to see her. Or Sasha Fierce. I think they took turns (a la Mary-Kate and Ashley on Full House).

As much as I want to get on Beyoncé about everything she does (that’s the late 90s Destiny’s Child fan in me who is still suspicious about the breakup…), you just can’t hate her. Given, she’s probably the best performer of this generation, but she’s also so nice and humble in her interviews! I’ve been waiting for her to drop the act for the past 10 or so years, but maybe it’s just her. I believe she is just really a good person. One day I’ll let go of the DC scandal stigma, and just love her unconditionally (in Beyoncé’s name I pray). After all, she is my second favorite singer. I’m such a weird fan.

That said, I still don’t agree with some of the Grammys (the whole show period is a messy, “classy” version of the VMA’s), but what’s done is done. Check out the interview!


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