it’s about to be: a bus fight!

February 18, 2010

I only watched this YouTube video because I thought by AC Transit they meant Atlantic City transit, and I support anything related to Jersey (because we’re dignified peoples). Really, there is no such thing as AC Transit, only NJ Transit. I was ready to leave a comment telling the poster to get her life together and learn the name of our bus system, but that was not necessary. This is somewhere in the Bay Area, I think.

Okay, this video is just a tran-wreck and a hot mess. Just… what? Really? On the bus, though? I should have known this didn’t take place in Jersey, because we have class. Obviously.

This is another case of someone talking a lot of trash getting shut down and embarrassed for millions to view on de intranetz. Apparantly the white guy said something about the black guy shining his shoes, and the black guy took offense and wouldn’t let it go (I’m sure he’s regretting his decision). In the pursuit of a fight, the black guy smacks the white guy in the face and the white guy lays down the smackdown!

Maybe they weren’t aware of the camera, but if I knew I was being filmed I would at least try to fight back! Poor guy was looking for a fight, but lost pathetically. Maybe next time, Junebug! Hope da ambalamps came for him. He was gushing blood all over the place.

My favorite part is the reactions as the old white guy gives the black guy the business!

“Oooh, WHAT DA FUCK?!”
“Beat dat nigga ass!”
“Uh uh, stop it, OOOHNOOO!”
“Aww, lawdhammercy!”
“Jesus Christ!!”

And for those who don’t like the violent aspect of the video, this GIF comes pretty close to summing everything up pre-bitchslap.


One Response to “it’s about to be: a bus fight!”

  1. Kristen Says:

    this. video. made. my life. ‘in jersey we have class’??? Seriously Nick? I have never seen that classy part of Jersey. Maybe I just don’t get out enough.

    but seriously, that was ridiculous. My roommate and I were like… wtf…

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