your thoughts on: john mayer!

February 12, 2010

Blues/rock singer John Mayer has faced scrutiny this week because of some questionable comments he made in a Playboy interview. The comments were interpreted as being racist, sexist, and just inappropriate.

With him saying things like “my dick is a white supremacist” and talking about having a “hood pass” which should be called a “n*gger pass” there’s no surprise that a lot of people are not happy. He also talked about past relationships with Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. Read the full interview here.

Immediately after the interview was released and the outrage was apparent, Mayer took to Twitter to express his regret over trying too hard to be “clever”. During a performance of his, he apologized and even began to cry a little.

There are many different opinions on the situation. Personally, I am not sure I how I feel about all this just yet. Of course the comments were a little offensive, but I am not one to cry racist over every politically incorrect comment. I joke around, and I can take a joke. Since I don’t know John Mayer personally, it’s hard for me to determine I how feel about him. He’s someone who likes to make outlandish comments to throw people off, and it seems like this time he said the wrong thing and he’s definitely learning his lesson.

Whether or not he is a closet racist is indeterminable, so I see no point in trying to argue it or stress over it. I really don’t like him or his music enough to care. Besides, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, no matter how skewed they may seem to us. Many celebrities have made comments about their dating preferences and have not come under fire, and that’s important to keep in mind. Granted, they may have expressed them in a more desirable manner. Regardless, he can say whatever he wants.

No matter how much he apologizes, this interview will remain in people’s minds, especially angry black women. I’m interested in seeing if John Mayer will be persecuted and blacklisted a la Kanye West after the VMA incident. Drop a comment and tell me how you feel about this all. I want to know what you think!


3 Responses to “your thoughts on: john mayer!”

  1. Zaidat Says:

    I think it was dumb and he needs to stay away from any type of media outlets. And to be honest he’s been saying stupid stuff for months. I doubt he will get blackballed like Kanye though, cause Kanye upset “America’s Sweetheart”

  2. Nick Says:

    He has been saying stupid stuff for a while. his interviews make no sense. He knows it, he said he’s trying to be clever. Clever failed this time, lol.

  3. Zaidat Says:

    haha, Clever failed big time for him btw Last Nite was funnn

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