i love to make: playlists!

February 12, 2010

Let me just tell you it’s Playlist Time, and that makes me more excited than you could imagine! Just to give you an idea…

Let me give you a little backstory about me and my playlists. I’ve been making random playlists for a while. I think the first one dates back to 2003. It had no flow whatsoever. Since then, I have been working on the craft of playlisting. Yes, it’s a verb (and a way of life). The best playlists have either a theme, motif, or a great flow. That’s what I have been working on for the past year or so. Making good playlists. I made a few last spring, mostly house/techno music themed because I wanted to get hype for summer! I mad a Prom Playlist that we played on the way to our prom. I made a Cookout Playlist that was played at one of my mom’s cookouts in the summer. I made a July Playlist just because I wanted to make one and it was July. But that July Playlist was the predecessor to my now Monthly Playlists!

Once September hit, I had just moved into my dorm in Manhattan and started college. I was feeling so many different emotions, so I decided to make a playlist. I called it the “how I am feeling playlist”. I really liked it. It had a nice flow after some tweaks. I liked it so much, I vowed to make a playlist every month. I then changed the name to September Playlist. The rest is history!

Besides making one every month (currently on February, get it! Got it?), I also make special themed playlists, like my Mellow Playlist, Hip-Hop Playlists, Christmas Playlists, Christina Aguilera Playlist, etc. I just love it. I feel like this is how I manifest my love of control. I don’t beat my children, I don’t starve myself, I don’t cut myself… I make playlists.

And my playlists are pretty good if you ask me. Not to toot my own horn, but…

Check out my February Playlist (dealing with many aspects of love, of course).


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