rihanna: rude boy!

February 11, 2010

Rihanna‘s one of my favorite singers (artist, model, whatever you think of her as)! I have followed her since her debut. Despite her not having the best voice, stage presence, English speaking, etc… she just keeps getting more interesting. I love her!

Her new single is Rude Boy (on my February Playlist, act like you know!) and the video just premiered. It’s simple, but it’s good. Very vibrant. She’s giving me 90s Cross Colours! She’s giving me De Islands! She’s giving me Pop Art! She’s even taking me to the zoo. Rihanna’s just giving me what I need in this video. Really, with all her videos from this album.

If you haven’t heard her newest album Rated R, check it out! It’s a good one.


2 Responses to “rihanna: rude boy!”

  1. QuentaLee Says:

    ok, so i was just reading a different website and it shiwed a comparison between rihanna’s “rude boy” music video and solange’s “i’ve decided” video. And to me it looks like rihanna did a bit of COPYING lmao, soemwhat like the whole video.You should check into that

  2. Nick Says:

    I’ve heard that comparison! I haven’t seen I’ve Decided in a while, so I’ll have to check it out in a bit.

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