my mom told me: to sell myself!

February 11, 2010

“I shiver gently as I wait in the commons for the good news to come. It’s coming. I’m coming. Oh.”

Like my prologue?

This past Tuesday I went to Abercrombie on Fifth Avenue to interview with my friend LaQuenta (QuentaLee). I applied to be a model because I’m lazy and my ideal job would be standing in store saying “Hey, what’s going on?”

Inevitably, I would slip in a “How you doaahh?!” or two in the style of BFF in the head, Miss Wendy Williams.

I feel confident that I did my best in the interview. I was neo-fierce, post-modern classy. Even so, I have not (yet) been called. They said to give it a week, then give it up. If I do not get a call before next Tuesday (suicide watch), I’ll just have to apply somewhere else.

While I’m focused on finding a way to sell myself to a corporation, I am also focused on getting good grades. I got a 2.8 last semester because of my D in Improv (which was my easiest class last semester). I wasn’t bad at Improv. I was actually good. It was just that I am challenged at waking up earlier than noon. But not this semester. I’m alive and awake. I am aware as hell everyday in my Algebra class.

Those thoughts aside, it’s the weekend and it’s time to dance!

Time to play around with friends!

Time to get sloppy!


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